CFO Packages / Virtual CFO


The digital age has changed the way that people operate and manage their business. It’s now possible to virtually run an office and make huge profits even if you are literally miles away from your employees. With the increasing number of remote workers from all over the world, there are unlimited opportunities to cut back on operational costs by choosing to hire a virtual employee.

We at Enterprise Global are firm believers of worldwide talents and we have developed a strong network of expert Chief Financial Officers, Chartered Accountants and auditors from almost all corners of the Earth. We have a team of Xero certified individuals who can help you with all your financial management and accounting needs. We are advocates of the freelancing industry and we therefore know that there are risks associated with employing virtual employees. It is exactly why we follow stringent rules when hiring, referring and training qualified individuals to oversee our clients’ accounts. Our Virtual CFOs are not only highly-skilled, they are also committed, accountable and reputable - because we want you, as a business owner, to feel confident that your wealth and finances are being managed efficiently. We will let you as our client to get involved and have the final say whether or not our candidate is a good fit, simply because we value your decision as the owner of the business. We are here to help you achieve your business goals and that’s possible with the help of our trusted Virtual CFOs. Our Virtual CFOs will quantify the economic impact of customer profitability, product profitability, internal operations to ensure that resources are well allocated.



As your trusted partner in business, Enterprise Global can refer reliable Virtual CFOs who can do the following for you:

    1. Assess your cash flow and financial risk
    2. Help you manage your finances during your company’s rapid growth
    3. Set goals for your business and track your progress
    4. Help you develop or improve your business model
    5. Identify opportunities for your company to grow
    6. Give you expert financial advice
    7. Manage your time more effectively
    8. Look for new ventures for you
    9. Make your business process more efficient
    10. Help you make crucial decisions for your business


    1. You don’t need to pay for full time employees. You can pay our Virtual CFOs by the hour but you can still expect the same level of expertise and commitment from them as if they are your full time employees.
    2. You can trust them to give you impartial advice.
    3. You will get strategic guidance from them, specially when it comes to growing your investments properly.
    4. You can expect them to develop sound financial infrastructure which will help you maximise your profit.
    5. You can regain more time to do the things you love to do - even if they are outside the business.
    6. You can expect them to help you understand your business more, as they are experts who can teach you how to use multiple tools to assess your finances and company growth.
    7. You can scale your business without taking too much risks because you are backed up by sound and timely business plans they made for you.


Enterprise Global is here to help you find the rockstar Virtual CFO who will take care of your business like it is their own. No more dealing with too expensive manpower as you will have the option to set their working hours. We are 100% sure that you will be delighted with how well our Virtual CFOs can manage your finances. Our guarantee is that, we have fully-trained staff ready to assist you any time of the day. You no longer have to put off your business goals just because you can’t afford a full time accountant or financial advisor to assist you. Let us take care of your business and let us grow together.