Top-rated Time Saving Xero Apps

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Time keeping, time saving, time monitoring, time management - however you feel like calling it, you simply can’t deny its importance in running any kind of business. Regardless if you’re managing a single team with only a handful of members, or hundreds and thousands of employees, your company needs to be able to accurately track time.

Luckily, if you have chosen Xero as the perfect accounting software for your organization, there’s nothing much that you need to worry about. This beautiful cloud accounting software has also  got your needs covered as it has more than 40 time tracking apps/integrations that you can choose from.

All those apps are intended to help you monitor the productivity of each member of your organization, track how long does it take for each job or process to finish, how much time you need to wait before you get paid, and more. By using the Xero accounting software with one or some of these apps, you’ll be able to manage your employees well and at the same time know exactly how your enterprise is doing on a daily basis.

As Enterprise Global want to save you from the hassles of going through and trying out every single time tracking Xero app, your experts here ought to provide you our top 5 picks on the best Xero time saving apps to date. We honestly recommend that you consider one of these for your company in Singapore.


Trusted by more than 10,000 business in over 100 countries all over the globe, there’s no doubt that Harvest can efficiently help you manage time, track expenses, do invoicing, and take care of reporting in a breeze. This web-based tool is pretty much used by any kind of business - freelancers, professional service firms, and large enterprises - all take advantage of what Harvest has to offer. As you save more time in data entry and automate most of your tasks, you’ll definitely see the difference of having Xero and Harvest work together to seamlessly improve your workflow. And the best part is, apart from Xero accounting, Harvest can also be integrated to 80 more apps for you to use as you grow your business.

Here’s a quick view of its awesome features:

  • Harvest invoices and payments are copied directly to Xero.
  • Start a timer from anywhere—web browser, desktop, or mobile device—and focus on the task at hand.
  • Time-based reporting provides accurate project budget reports, un-invoiced reports, and more.
  • Set hourly and fee-based budgets to track your project’s progress.
  • Run reports on billable and nonbillable time for specific staff, tasks, clients, and projects.
  • Use Harvest’s mobile apps to snap photos of your receipts.
  • Use flexible billing rates, automated payment reminders, and online payment to help you get paid fast.
  • Send automated reminders to people who have let timesheets slip their mind.


If you still haven’t heard of TSheets until now, then we honestly don’t the know the reason why. Because currently, almost 50,000 companies all over the world now enjoy the perks of using an efficient application such as TSheets.

It’s a 2-in-1 web and mobile based software that you can use to efficiently track employee time and schedule tasks/projects/operations. It provides managers and business owners the power to monitor, manage, analyze, and improve, everything that happens in the company. And because it can be used from your PC, laptop, notebook, tablet, or mobile, all your precious information are safely stored in the cloud, ready to be accessed anytime and anywhere. What we really love about this app is that even your employees can easily use it.

Here are more of its features:

  • Review and export employee time from TSheets to Xero.
  • Track time and export invoices from TSheets to Xero in just one click.
  • Customize your reports for project estimates, payroll forecasting, and more.
  • Clock-in/out via browser, mobile app, text, dial-in, or tweet.
  • Job and shift scheduling.
  • Manual time entry.
  • Multi-level job codes.
  • Track PTO, vacation, and holiday options.
  • GPS location tracking.
  • Customizable alerts and reminders.
  • Customizable company settings.
  • Seamless QuickBooks, Xero, and other accounting software integrations.


Managing your company’s human resources is never a hassle with Deputy and Xero around. Your employees become more productive and more motivated than ever because you would never have to experience problems on payroll, scheduling, and more.

As its name implies, this scheduling and HR management app can take care of what human resource managers usually do. It’ll work on its own to schedule jobs, monitor attendance, manage employee compensation, and more in just a single platform. It even provides your managers an access to employee information, schedules, job locations, and modules. You may also use this to send messages to your team.

If those didn’t get you excited, check out this list of Deputy’s features:

  • Sync all employee details between Xero and Deputy.
  • Sync leave from Deputy to Xero when exporting timesheets.
  • Sync award rates straight from Xero to Deputy, automatically calculating ordinary hours, penalty rates, overtime, and allowances.
  • Save time and money by processing your payroll in minutes with Deputy’s integration with Xero payroll.
  • Automatically assign billable hours to your clients based on employee timesheets.
  • Schedule employees in different areas and locations.
  • Easily create shifts using Deputy’s drag and drop interface.
  • Publish schedules and notify your employees over email, SMS, or push notification.
  • View estimate shift costs and graph wages against expected sales.
  • Offer open shifts to either selected employees or your entire workforce.
  • Allow employees to swap shifts.
  • Export to your preferred payroll platform.
  • Calculate overtime, penalty rates, loadings, and salary costing with every shift according to your local laws or your own workplace agreements.
  • Use the Deputy Mobile geolocation capability or the Deputy Kiosk's face detection to ensure your employees are where they should be.

Do you want to know how you’ll be able to stay on top of your sales/revenue targets and budgets? Then use your Xero account with a capable app like MinuteDock. What users love most about MinuteDock is its flexibility and efficiency in tracking business time and monitoring employees. You can literally invoice time in seconds.

This feature-rich timesheet app has a capable platform that will allow you to increase profitability and reach your business goals sooner because as MinuteDock works round-the-clock with Xero, you’ll now be able to make more sound and intelligent business decisions, using real-time data. Moreover, it will be easy for you to determine what will make your team work harder for the company.

Check out MinuteDock’s list of features so you’ll exactly know what we’re talking about:

  • Sync your customer contacts from Xero.
  • Create invoices in MinuteDock and instantly syncs with Xero.
  • Sync your ledger accounts, tracking categories, and inventory items.
  • Easily assign time and tasks to employees.
  • MinuteDock’s smart keyboard-based entry makes adding a list of time entries easy.
  • Mobile apps to track time wherever you are.
  • Keep track of your employees, edit their timesheets, and easily report on what an employee has worked on.
  • Configure exactly how your employees are charged out to clients.
  • Powerful goals system lets you create specific targets employees should hit.
  • Targets and budgets update their progress instantly as you track time.
  • Build the reports that you need with our flexible reporting engine.
  • Bill in just a couple of clicks with smart invoice generation.
  • Configure hourly rates by client, project, task, or employee


WorkflowMax isn’t the most popular and most featured time saving Xero app for nothing. More and more companies all over the world rely on WorkflowMax to help them in tracking time, invoicing clients, and even converting leads.

Actually, WorkflowMax isn’t really an application for time management. The truth is, it is a project management software with time tracking capabilities. From start to finish, WorkflowMax will easily help you do your business in Singapore. The best part is, it isn’t just great for small business. Even if you use Xero with it, it will still be as helpful and efficient for companies that do large-scale projects and handle thousands of employees in different locations.

Here’s why we think you should also consider WorkflowMax for your business:

  • Push sales invoices to Xero.
  • Reconciles invoices in Xero that are marked off as paid in WorkflowMax.
  • Push WorkflowMax purchase order receipts into Xero as Account Payables.
  • Raise purchase orders and receipt supplier invoices in WorkflowMax
  • View all your client information from one easy-to-navigate screen.
  • Send reliable and completely customisable estimates.
  • Track your leads, proposals, and sales pipeline in one place.
  • Track time with a time tracking tool to suit every user.
  • Create an invoice in WorkflowMax and instantly connect to Xero.
  • Pull through data from timesheets for accurate time and cost billing.
  • Uploaded documents can be pushed into tools like Box, Dropbox, or Drive.

So there you have it. If you still haven’t found the perfect time saving app that’s perfect for your  business in Singapore, consider at least one of our recommendations. However you decide to choose one that perfectly fits your business needs, it’s all up to you. But always keep in mind that in business, wasted time means wasted money. So make every business day count by staying on top of employee management, scheduling, billing, and so on.

If you still want to know more about the other Xero time saving apps and industry-specific apps, the experts here at Enterprise Global are more than willing to discuss them with you. Simply call us or send us an email.

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