Business Automation


It’s not surprising that many people would think of robots when business automation is being mentioned. In a sense, robots are connected with business automation but this term could also mean a lot of other things. Business automation or business process automation (BPA) is the strategy being used by business owners to cut down on operation costs. Simply put, it’s a way to minimise redundancy by using different techniques such as integrating applications, restructuring labour resources and using software applications throughout the organisation. Enterprise Global aims to help business owners automate their business operations and eliminate tedious, complex and error-prone tasks in order to optimise growth. We know and believe that automation plays a huge role in maximising profits of a business because through automation, organisations can perform more effectively and productivity can be increased dramatically.

business automation


All businesses need automation in one form or another. If your business has something to do with manufacturing and production, then you need automate your operations as it will help you produce higher quantity of quality goods using lesser resources and within limited timeframe. Business automation in SMEs could mean that instead of employing multiple virtual CFOs or accountants, you can keep on top of your finances by using cloud accounting software like Xero. It could also mean that a project management tool or a single communication platform is being used by the entire team for better collaboration, file storing and progress tracking.


- Reduced costs.
- Minimal redundancy.
- Less errors.
- Less labour intensive tasks.
- It saves time.
- Quality and consistency.
- More efficient operation.
- Enforce accountability.
- Better document management.
- Increased collaboration.


Through our business automation service, we will guide SMEs on how to take out complex and redundant steps from their processes and streamline them for simplicity. Enterprise Global will educate business owners on how to effectively manage their tasks, give approval for certain projects or activities, and keep track of all information regarding the different departments of their organisation, their clients and other business matters. We aim to shorten the number of days or hours spent by people in looking for a piece information so they can focus on much more important tasks. Our team at Enterprise Global has also developed tailored business automation steps for financial tracking and cash flow management.

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