About Us

Who We Are

Enterprise Global is a firm comprised of expert business strategists and financial managers whose goal is to drive growth and efficiency to Small and Medium Enterprises in Singapore. As a country that has over 300,000 SMEs, Singapore is home to millions of entrepreneurs and business owners who are unaware of how big their companies can grow if they have proper business plan in place. Our evidence-based business advisory programs will not only help businesses identify their strengths but also turn their weaknesses into indicators of growth. We will help in leveraging the opportunities presented by today's competitive global economy.

As an affiliate of Enterprise Assurance PAC, one of Singapore’s leading accounting and company incorporation firms, Enterprise Global has seen a lot of businesses fail because of lack of business strategies and proper wealth management programs within their organisations. One of Enterprise Global’s goal is to teach business owners the importance of having real-time & automated accounting feeds that can help them in their day-to-day decision making process. Our dream is to introduce Xero accounting to all business owners in Singapore in order for them to maximise the growth of their business while being on top of their finances. Cloud accounting can help business owners eliminate the tedious data entry process while minimising errors and task repetition caused by other accounting software and methodologies. It can also protect valuable financial data and it is cost effective to use because it no longer needs to be installed on a computer. The biggest advantage of using cloud accounting software is that it is easier to know when the business is losing money and other warning signals such as imminent cash flow or liquidity problems.

Financial Management Experts

As the audit industry slows down in Singapore due to the amendment of the Companies Act, accounting and financial firms saw the need for services that will benefit business owners. And since SMEs only need to conduct an audit annually, many of them don’t establish a collaborative working relationship with their audit and accounting firms. As the number of SMEs in Singapore grow, Enterprise Global took the initiative to offer financial management and business consultancy services that will allow business owners to remain agile in the face of challenges. Enterprise Global is committed to helping entrepreneurs and business owners scale their business and address issues within their organisations including but not limited to: business performance management, business process outsourcing, finance, HR, IT, procurement, marketing and global business services. We offer value-added services that will help address the most common to the most complex problems being faced by businesses from all types of industries. Enterprise Global prides itself in having an extensive network of business and financial managers from all over the world who we can refer our clients to in case they are ready to expand their businesses globally.